Handmade and charming decoration for the children

We’re a Monday and with it, another discovery online shop, well another discovery not because Marieta I know about a year ago and I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting your project since I was in diapers.

handmade christmas decorations for kids

Do not know if you will remember my pad cloud ( you can see it here ) because after this cushion began to emerge many more so finally Marieta was encouraged to start their own online shop LEO AND READ SHOP ( click ) full of lovely products to Maybe your kids and HANDMADE.

handmade christmas decorations ideas

Navigating the web can find clouds, stars, beads, bibs and even a babas removed that are sure pretty, it shows that they are made ​​with love and the best is that you have a lot of fabrics, prints and colors to choose that best suits your decorating small.

Moreover also make a carpet of trapillo that is ideal for hallways, bedrooms, chairs or rocking with this beautiful color …. (sighs)

And if you will also see options, ideas and deals for the store do not miss her blog ( click here ), I definitely Picare that star pad, or have kids or anything but it’s so cute that gray I would be great at the lounge.

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