Handmade wall clocks ideas for home

for all those who has keen on small projects worked in the house, especially those who may be involved action and the kids, we Chose 3 simple and effective ideas for a handmade wall clock.

handmade glass wall clocks

1. Color Wheel. Project for you and your child or just for the child as you
Chromatic color wheel or circle was created by Isaac Newton in the year 1666 and is the extremely useful tool in the understanding of basic some things about color. in addition to the classification of primary colors (red, yellow and blue), (green, orange and purple) and tertiary (obtained by combining the secondary colors with a primary color adjacent to them), or the hot and cold, Can we learn about the association between these and their effects on us.

handmade wall clock ideas

That is important for our project there has 12 colors on the wheel and so we can use it to get a wonderful dress and handmade wall clock.

It is a good project for kids but worked alongside children, because it provides a wonderful topic for discussion about colors and the kids can see c skin strides easy steps, how to create something beautiful and useful basic materials, but with a little imagination , attention, and skill.

handmade wall hanging clock

Divides the circle of cardboard or thin plywood 12 that it turns out in the picture, with white properĀ for digits and numbers, mounted on the back of the clock to unfold and his pointers on the front and you’ve got a wall clock and unique .

images of handmade wall clocks

2. Watch the photos of the family. Cherish the time spent together
on him here and here about how you can arrange your favorite paintings in the room, but this idea seems more interesting than t some paintings, family photos because it’s about that you’ll look outtakes Whenever You Want to see as time goes on.

You Need to unfold the clock High Enough Some indicators noticeable I family photos and 12, February 10 portrait, landscape and framed in the frames of the same size and color.

handmade kitchen wall clocks

The project illustrated here is used:

10x15cm frames
cardboard spacers square of 5 x 5 cm
– Permanently Adhesive or adhesive tape for attaching spacers to double wall
adhesive Velcro strips to secure the arrays apart and the clock to unfold. If you prefer the classical, fixing technology with nails and simple tips fixing There non-marking walls.

how to make handmade wall clocks

How to do:

Using spacers, arrange the paintings, and more trivia questions on the carpet, according to this schemes:

Let Them Get Started then drop on the wall, arrays apart and spacers (THEY BE at the end must come off easily in April) When the start they Figure 6
Fasten the clock to unfold in the center of the circle, drop, and read.

3. Wall clock from LEGO Pieces adverts advert. Link over time with childhood
incontestable a symbol of childhood is the game of LEGO. What’s right for some of us is a symbol of maturity and strong enough, and here’s what you can get in this house: a clock for your little one’s room.

handmade wall clocks designs

This awarded has built for His Son from LEGO and satisfaction I watch ‘aurora was huge. It seems it was a challenge getting the correct proportions between the Board, the figures and the Division of the clock dial in 12, but after a few experiments, behold, I rather out.