Hanging baskets – practical tips for designing your patio

In this second article about beautiful hanging flower pots, we will continue with our practical tips to you and announce new useful ideas. Keep it, because it is definitely worth!Bees and butterflies are like the flowers and completely make your moments on the porch

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Instructions for planting

Be sure to combine always such plants, which provide the same requirements in terms of sunlight and water to the best possible growth. You would never plant the always thirsty Jewelweed together with a drought tolerant Cactus, or? Although these two types really represent the extremes, it is true that each plant has its particular preference for light and water. So you prepare, to plan the design of your hanging baskets.

Some experts advise that you should use quality potting soil to the breakdown of traffic lights, others, however, suggest the ground for outdoor cultivation. Never take Earth directly from your garden beds, this type of soil in a container will never come to decent dry out.

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To achieve a casual look in a country house style, you can try to mix a variety of flowers and green leaves in the same light. If you decide but for a more elegant and modern aesthetic composition, so you might think on just a species per tank. A number of similar, with a matching flower or plants will look much contiguous than a mix. But it is true Yes, the charm of hanging flowers is irresistible! The flower pots look so lovely with its varied, lush hanging plants and flower tendrils! So give a memorable look your veranda or terrace!

Hanging Basket imaginative forms

Design. There are a few different ways you can disguise a designer intervention in putting together your own flower pots. One of the ways consists in the choice of a single genus of plants, for example, purple petunias or ornamental asparagus, you grow in each of the baskets in large quantities. The consistent color and the homogeneous planting concept are already cause a strong effect from a distance and appear stylish and modern as many mixed schemes and variations.

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If you prefer the display of flowers, so we share with the simple rule of thumb: choose an upright growing plant in cheerful color that has made some flowers (such as a red geranium), add affiliated several hanging plants (such as. Lobelia) friend to remove from the hardness of the jagged edge of the traffic light and put the finishing touches by Creepers and Cascades falling leaves your arrangement (such as Ivy or sweet potato vine). The different heights, growth patterns and colors will shape out an impressive vegetable braid, which inspires the viewer and ties.

Now we come to the practical part: we want a few tips give you how to find the best position for your hanging baskets. In addition we have some advice on how to hang the flower pots for you.

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Where is the perfect place to hang a hanging basket?

The peripheral area of your veranda would be very fitting, as well as fence posts, patio edges and patio canopies. Avoid to install your hanging baskets in such places, where anyone against them can run, especially in the central area the ceiling or at entrances. Do not forget to attach the lights which can support their weight in beams or pillars. So that the overall appearance is consistent and tidy as well as provides the architectural benefits of your apartment on a lovely way to show, it would be more appropriate, distribute, arbitrary as they here and there to hang the hanging baskets rather evenly on your porch along.

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The hanging itself.

Hooks and brackets for hanging flower pots available in all hardware stores or home improvement trade abundantly available. When shopping, you must be sure that you have correctly estimated the weight of your hanging baskets and make the best choice in the business. Certainly not more than good 4.5 kilos will weigh the most medium-sized traffic lights, but it is safer to use such technical AIDS and devices that can help a little more than the actual weight of your hanging baskets in all cases. Hooks are the appropriate solution for those planters which would hang down from the top edge of the porch. For the containers that attach to vertical structures such as fences and walls commemorate braces much better suited.

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Useful tips:

• Before installing the screw of your hooks or brackets, get also a drill if they need them, it would be good to have them at hand. This ensures the tightness of the screws, which is very important for the security.

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