Hanging bed with LED-lighting – space-saving design for the small bedroom

A small bedroom is often a major challenge – to go bed because? Sofa beds and folding beds offer a possible alternative to the usual double bed. But now the talented designer has Wiktor Jazwiec solved the problem in a creative manner – his hanging bed with LED lighting is moved by means of a rope system and takes, when is not in use, no space in the room.

Hanging bed LED lighting red modern cable system

The suspended bed with LED lighting is ergonomically designed and provides superior comfort – a combination of swing and modern double bed, the design will gently lull you to sleep. Each bed is special and is manufactured according to the customer’s dimensions and equipped on request with LED light. Colors such as red, blue and purple are available. The bed frame itself is made from solid wood and polished with natural oil.

Hanging bed LED lighting rope construction hardwood

The concept for the suspended bed with LED lighting is an exciting combination between traditional manufacturing techniques and modern design. It has a weight of only 80 kg, is equipped with an automatic mechanism, and should have an extremely easy installation. At the time, the bed via Etsy for round 2 is available, 700 USD.

Hanging bed LED Lighting Blue Lamp Solid Wood

Hanging bed LED lighting blue rueckenschonend

Hanging bed LED lighting ergonomically comfortable space saving

Hanging bed LED lighting purple color rope

Hanging bed LED lighting space-saving design bedrooms

LED lighting rope hanging bed space-saving device

LED lights hanging bed Bedroom Setting Ideas