Hanging shoe rack-Umbra Shoester

The hanging shoe rack by Umbra Shoester ensures order in your wardrobe. He is easily mountable, adjustable in height and cheap. You’ll find your favorite pair of shoes so in back. This open shoe rack also ensures that your shoes can airing.

Hanging shoe rack-Umbra Shoester (1)

This hip hanging shoe rack is an easy solution. Thanks to the practical hanging belts you him fail to mount. You hang him so stuck to a coat hanger. He fits into most wardrobes and is also adjustable in height. There are also two adjustable shelves.


Ideal for shoes, but also useful as a storage space for other items. By him to attach to a coat hanger, you can bet a number of garments. So bring your extra order in your wardrobe.

Hanging shoe rack-Umbra Shoester (2)

This hanging shoe rack can be adjusted to the height up to 193 cm. He is 91.4 cm wide and 35.6 cm deep. The indicative price is € 39.99. You can order online here.