Harmonics Baths (Feng Shui)

A space for privacy. The bathroom should be a place designed for privacy and relaxation, but sometimes ends up becoming the makeshift storage room of the house. The Feng Shui helps us to resume this lucid concept and enhance health, success and balance with wise counsel.


According to Feng Shui, the bathroom must be careful with care as it is a place marked by energy drain excess water and chill. Therefore, it is important to avoid dryness, lack of warmth or light.

The ideal bathroom
To achieve our dream bathroom, the first thing to think about is that we ventilate it daily and use good artificial light to compensate for the lack of natural light. Within the clear colors that are so cold and dark are preferable. To combine use elements provided warmth as the pictures, lights and plants.
The smooth, continuous surfaces are not recommended. You can interrupt mats. As a general rule of Feng Shui, replace the 90 ° corners and sharp edges for finishing and rounded shapes.
Unlike the kitchen, the bathroom is good to mix colors of water and fire: accessories red, pink or salmon color, lights, seashells … but are even more beneficial forest items such as wooden objects, plants or photos forest.

In Feng Shui, the set of drains, bathtub, shower, toilet, bidet and basin-are a group of delicate elements that negatively influence not only in the room where they are, but even go to other areas that are below or above them. So it is important not to place the head of the bed or furnace stokers or immediately adjacent to the kitchen or just below a cistern or water tank. Ideally, in a house all bathrooms are placed in a vertical line – one above the other, and separated from the bedrooms and kitchens.
To neutralize the negative influence of the drains, we have to do to keep them covered, especially the toilet seat when we are not using.

The bathroom door
Where is the bathroom door? Are you facing the entrance to the house or cooking? Perhaps this is the reason that the warmth of your relationships in that house will slowly losing: literally is escaping down the drain in the bathroom. If the kitchen is in front by front, is the prosperity and abundance that are threatened.

The bathroom in China
According to Chinese tradition, the toilet was outside the house and there were no pipes or drains inside the house. Inside the house the holes through which you can escape the power of wealth and health are avoided. But this eastern tradition fit the current coordinates is a big problem for the health of running water pipes, and drains the tank.

Remember …
The toilet must be hidden, if not install on a separate carrier, better camouflage behind a cabinet.
Treated wood floors are comfortable and easy to maintain.
Natural details for a relaxing bath in privacy. The only stronghold of the house where we can be alone.
Drains are neutralized maintaining tight plugs and toilet lids closed to prevent escape of positive energy.
Candles provide privacy in the bathroom.
Details of sea activate the chi or positive energy in the room.
The edges and corners prevent the free movement of energy and are aggressive, while the wavy lines are recommended by Feng Shui.

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