High quality and nice shelves of pinch

Furniture and light manufacture pinch is committed to the goal, to create products that make life easier and more comfortable. To achieve this, the company utilizes only high quality and durable materials. But also the design of the furniture is extremely important. In the following five pictures are the most beautiful shelves and chests of drawers of pinch.


Alba media unit

With its unique design, the Alba media unit is an eye-catcher in any living room. For the TV there is a prepackaged mount.


Frey sideboard

Classic and timeless design of the Frey’s sideboards. The doors of chest of drawers can be locked.

Joyce Cabinet

Whether in the kitchen or in the living room, the Joyce Cabinet is can be used anywhere. The Green frame ensures a refreshing color accent.


Post office shelving

The post office shelving is ideally suited for the den or Office. The large storage compartments provide ample storage space for books and folders.


Vigo shelving

The Vigo shelving can be customized individually according to the needs of the customers. The piece of furniture offers not only extremely plenty of storage space but is also decorative.