High-quality materials and light characterise the TUVE boutique hotel

This boutique hotel offers a peaceful retreat – away from the chaos of life and the bustling city centre of Hong Kong. It is a world of tranquillity for travellers who manifests the aesthetics and Poetics of hidden beauty. The essential characteristic which distinguishes this boutique hotel from others, is the rarity of an alternative understanding of the term.

indirect quality material light floor lighting entrance gate entrance

Designer forgo exotic fabrics, furniture and decorations, and rely on high-quality materials and planned lighting accents to create a luxurious feel. Instead of luxury, they rather prefer the word “Refinement”, a different kind of beauty.

quality brass material light bathroom tiles marble wall panels

High-quality materials with different properties characterise the hotels – concrete, steel, brass, oak and wired glass. The challenge for the team was to emphasize the beauty of the materials and to discover new design possibilities. This happened through the exploration of the material textures with surface treatment techniques and through the skillful use of light.

quality indirect lighting material light marble floor tiles

Light is a universal design element that can influence the emotions of travellers of all cultures and sexes. Either artificially or naturally, it expresses the special properties of materials: textures to reveal or to cast shadows on certain points. In the lobby, the grain of the white marble merges with the striped entrance gate to create a vibrant composition. The wall of glass fiber-reinforced concrete in the entrance Corridor, with its nuances and contours, is properly brought by indirect ground lighting to the validity.

quality marble floor material of light-space separator ratios

The “Rarity” and “Refinement” embodied by tailored details. Arts and crafts quietly tells a story. The polished brass surface by the reception desk and in the bathroom light like a mirror, while the rest is hardly used.

quality material brass light surface ' blanket panels laser-cut

The entire design in the boutique hotel can be described as a way of development in physical and psychological sense. The designers have prepared an exciting journey of discovery with fantastic scenes for the visitors – from arrival through the solemn entrance into the Hall, the elevator, lobby and quiet suites. Finally arrives at the destination, you have a surprise. The room appears initially empty, with a box that is the focus. Then it turns out that it houses a desk with Cabinet and various accessories. Through the development of spaces and details, visitors able to discover the culture of the hotel and the hidden beauty are layer by layer.

quality brass material light fiberglass concrete

quality material design hotel entrance black façade

quality material give light indirect lighting

quality material light bath towel fiberglass concrete storage

quality material light boutique hotel laser cut wall panels

quality material light boutique hotel marble floor entrance

quality material light fiberglass concrete wall floor ceiling led strip

quality material light fiberglass concrete wooden box kitchen of accessories

quality material light hotel design steel door handle

quality material light hotel suite desk accessories wooden box

quality material light hotel suite fiberglass concrete polished

quality material light hotel suite wood wall tiling desk

quality material light lobby marble floor lasercut

quality material light marble bathroom tiles

quality material light receiving counter laser-cut panels
quality material light wire glass bathroom doors of shower area marble tiles

quality material light wood bedrooms bedded fiberglass concrete wall

quality material lightside tables marble stone

quality material lightwall tiling woodgrain wall tv

quality material of light-space separator shadow effect marble floor

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Suites tuve design hotel luxury floor plan


Suites tuve design hotel luxury floor plan