High-tech bathroom facilities – ultra modern toilet terminal

TECE equipping the bathroom is characterized by simple design and functionality. We present you the innovative ceramic toilet Terminal TECElux, which combines creative design and latest technology. Its outlines are barely visible on the wall. The inconspicuous ultra-flat glass panel closes the opening and covers the connections for water and electricity, as well as the built-in cistern. She also has still an additional function – is used as protective covers for the wall.

Height adjustment designer toilet TECE

What makes the WC Terminal so special? Have you not even dreamed amenities with thousands of extras from a high-tech bathroom? The designer toilet Terminal TECElux “m-lift” has not only an Air Purifier, but can easily adapt at all times to the body size. To the WC-ceramic must of course not removed are, but are continuously voted on a spindle in the range of 8 cm. The whole glass plate moves with the ceramic.

moderna toilet lid panel Tece

The high-tech bathroom facilities has a newly developed air purification system – “ceramic-air” with a ceramic charcoal filter that works quietly and must only be replaced after 5 years of use. The designers created an eco-friendly and energy-efficient toilet Terminal. Even the release of the flush water amount can be regulated – one chooses either a small or a larger amount of water.

TECE TECElux WC Terminal

All functions of the optimized bathroom facilities are adjustable on an electronic touch screen. The finest touching with the finger tips is enough. When approached, the cistern light outlines. In addition, the FreSch air system is activated and soon automatically stops.

TECElux WC Terminal

The bathroom facilities by TECE has accommodated the latest technologies. Tecelux blends simple aesthetics into any bathroom architecture. The purist design can be combined with ceramic, glass, modern faucet, bathroom accessories and shower WC.

Hi tech white ceramic toilet

Tece ceramic toilet Design multifunctional

TECElux ceramic toilet hi tech

WC board cover panel design

WC ceramic touch screen glass panel

WC futuristic design TECE