High-tech rooms with charm

Modern technology applied to the interior decoration has nothing to do with horrendous boxes and jumbles of wires spoiling the look of any room. In fact, recent designs show it can be really easy to integrate high technology into your home, so that you can relax with music and movies you love without having to view any cables. Here we show a series of examples that confirm this idea …


1. This luxurious home (above) is located in Reading, UK. In his installation work Smartcomm includes the intelligent system Crestron , which provides its owners a total lighting control, security, audio and video wherever they are, without interfering at all in its beautiful interior decor. In this particular room TV is hidden in the ceiling when not in use so it does not affect the charm they bring the paper walls, or the dramatic effect of the curtains.


Two. In this one (below), control of the whole house is literally at your fingertips. Includes a set of five touchscreens Crestron TPMC-9L  installed by Dark Side of the Room , which displays a full plane of each corner of the house. With just one touch on the screen, you can control all the technology installed in the dwelling, including the system of opening the front door, surveillance cameras, music and even the temperature of the pool water.

Hi tech interior design style

Three. In this room (below), is barely perceptible technology installed by It’s Done Technology , as it was put in all the effort to keep it hidden as far as possible. Includes wall mounting and ceiling speakers and plasmas that minimize the impact on the decoration of lines and the intrinsic natural beauty of the room. And frankly, they seem to achieve …