Hippie wedding dress: 20 dream wedding dresses in Boho style

The catchword Boho is at the moment from the fashion world not to be imagined and has also conquered the hearts of the bridal wear designers. Some of the most beautiful wedding dresses in Boho style, we show you today. The Couture brand Yolan Cris surprises us again in 2017 with a dreamlike collection, which was inspired by the hippie look and the casual Bohemian style. The models of the Catalan mode marked inspire by a successful combination of classical elegance and Bohemian casualness. Every hippie bridal gown from the Boho Chic collection is usually made from a lot of lace and looks very romantic.

The designs of the airy-casual dresses have been influenced by fashion from the seventies. Flattery cuts and daring slits ensure perfect leg-freedom. Romantic and playful neckline designs emphasise a beautiful, feminine cleavage, while backless dresses show particularly elegant and seductive. Bodice made of fine, transparent fabrics let the skin shimmer beautifully. The transparent fabric can also be combined with a very deep cut.

Hippie bridal gown-long-70s-lace-cut-girdle Abedul

A hippie wedding dress does not necessarily have to be white. Cream and champagne colours are very effective and remind you of the beach. The models of Yolancris rely on elegant silhouettes such as A-line and Empire line, which also provides a high level of comfort. Even short dresses and trousers find their place in the collection. The focus is on skirts and loose fabrics.

Hippie Dress long A line-midriff-crystals

The hippie look is also underlined by details such as fringes, floral appliques, tassels and pleats. They give the Boho dresses a very nostalgic charm and radiate a cheerful naturalness. Special attention is paid to accessories such as belts, cloaks and scarves. The Brautschleier is not a must in the modern Bohemian look, so it is missing in the collection of YolanCris. A flower wreath picked directly from the meadow, or single flowers braided into the hair are the better choice.

Hippie Dress long off-shoulder dress-backless-mirra Hippie Dress long-70-years-shirt-tomillo Hippie Dress long-beach-easy-breezy-rings-Heidra-Endrino Hippie Dress long-figure-hugging-lace Mirto-Canamo Hippie Dress long-figure-hugging-lace transparent Vetiver Hippie Dress long-figure-hugging-simple, lace-Calendula Enebro Hippie Dress long-flared-skirt-empire-style-Freso-Tejo Hippie Dress long-flared-skirt-tulle Centella Retama Hippie Dress long-lace fringe-backless halter--passiflora Hippie Dress long-lace romantic Narciso Hippie Dress long-lace waist-stressed-a-line-Boldo-Grama Hippie Dress long-mermaid-cut-manzanilla Hippie Dress long-pointed-a-line-belt-Pinillo-Trebol hippie-boho-Dress Lace Organza backless-Granado