Holiday house Characterised by concrete and glass

This little cottage by the sea is a project by the Norwegian Centre Lund Hagem and has a stepped concrete roof did serves as a viewing platform. It was designed as a summerhouse for Svein Lund – one of the founding partners the Oslo-based studio of – and is located on a rocky cliff in Sandefjord, on the Southeast coast of Norway.

Straucher face concrete rocks glass house glass front protection

The 30-square-meter design cottage Knapphull is nestled between weathered boulders and protected from extreme weather conditions in this way. Concrete and glass play in important role here – Although the glazed walls look attractive and airy, They are protected under a massive concrete roof.

concrete cottage concrete floor glass panels cover open doors

The aim of the project what to use the area protected by the large rocks and dense vegetation. The building has a distinctive cantilevered roof without pillars. It extends to the floor and forms a ramp up to the top of the cliff. Climb up the concrete stairs, you reach the observation deck at the top, where you can watch from the sea.

concrete glass house entrance wooden doors concrete floor lighting

Due to the characteristic shape of the roof, you can enjoy a panoramic view over the cliffs and the trees on the sea. A similar terrace below offers a protected outdoor area with a fireplace of Corten steel. This area is from the North on a narrow path did runs through a wooded area to reach. A concrete bench extends along the terrace and through a glass wall in the small holiday house with concrete floors.

concrete glass house flat roof of stairs terrace seating

The blanket is woven with thin oak slats and warms up the space visually. The wooden platform did is suspended from the ceiling floats above the small living room and makes optimum use of the limited space in the design cottage.

concrete glass house bench concrete leather chairs wood stove roof panels

concrete glass house glass wall wood ceiling panels leather chair concrete bench

concrete glass house interior leather armchair attic Basset

concrete glass house interior wood stove wood ceiling panels in stages

concrete glass house lighting shrubs rocks embedded

concrete glass house nightlight rock Windbreak

concrete glass house rock walkway the occurs plates sea seascape

concrete glass house roof slanted stairs glass carefully wooden doors

concrete glass house roof stairs baume face protection

concrete glass house shrubs rocks wood doors

concrete glass house terrace corten steel hearth rock

concrete glass wooden house corridor frosted glass wall panels cover

concrete house bench concrete floor garden glass

concrete house inside glass sea view wood cover plates

Rock beautiful blanket wood concrete glass house inside slats