Home Appliances Trends 2014

In the bedroom you spend an average of 7 hours per day and, since it is a very long time, it is worth to furnish it and beautify it in a pleasant way , according to our personal tastes.


You can always improve but the ‘ basic home furniture you have to choose a single solution based, not only on your preferences, but also to the economic , to the available space and your needs.
Today, the classic is purchased, more rarely, because the beauty you prefer comfort and practicality . Sought the multifunctional furniture and transformable to have two rooms into one room and economize especially on smaller spaces in newly constructed homes.
In order not to occupy precious centimeters, is used more and more often to the walk-in closets with mirrored doors and preferably low shelves that serve as bedside table and desk and necessary by the container.


The colors are usually very clear with different shades of sand but sometimes you dare to purple and black. The curtains are normally in tune with the rest of the room. Very popular t ende a package of various tissues and countless shades and colors. chaises longues and armchairs, are often provided if the room is large enough to accommodate them.

Home Appliances: Kitchen
Countless contemporary solutions for the kitchen in both classic and modern. The trend is to merge the kitchen to the living room and in many cases the kitchen is masonry .
At this juncture the ‘ furniture depends a lot on the style and color of the . In principle, you go for a rustic living room with dark wood furniture and white linen curtains. Terracotta floors should not be covered with carpet , a fireplace is a must.
However, if your kitchen has a very modern style , obviously the steel is dominant . Island with a stove in the middle of the kitchen and steel table with ergonomic chairs of the same material. island or sofa with chaise longue color or black and white rug in white or black. Spotlights on the hob and in the corners.
Often the ultra-modern kitchens are made ​​entirely of wood and you find already made ​​. Normally, the stove continues with a wooden dais always that acts as a bench to sit at the table and always essential in wood.


All appliances are collected and covered with wooden panels so the effect is that of a continuous wall entirely of wood that apparently does not contain anything.
Countless combinations of pastel colors for kitchens cheerful and lively style with minimal environmentally friendly materials and accessories multifunction . The timeless country style or old Inglese which, however, have only the appearance of an old feature, as they are, with every comfort. Normally in light wood or shabby style , their strong point are the numerous cabinets, tables and benches extensible corner. There really is only the embarrassment of choice .


Home Appliances: The Bathroom
An environment should not be overlooked and certainly very revalued in the last decade, is the bagn or. The range is wide and goes from furniture basis (health and mobile) to the super-luxury bathrooms with expensive accessories and precious materials.
The trend is the plant health airplane to traditional favorites for their shape and for ease of cleaning. They are often accompanied by brass faucets and toilet seats creative designs and views. Vast range of colors with tile in tune with the tiles.
Some of the bathrooms have high-quality furniture that span an entire wall. dominant color is white or dark wood depending on whether they were made ​​of oak, beech or ebony. Large mirrors and double sinks with faucets are combined with elaborate tables covered silk and damask lined with bookcases.
For those who have large spaces and wallet accordion , it is possible to implant a pool with columns and steps style ancient Rome . In this case, the mosaics on the wall and the bottom of the pool is a must.
For the moderates, the v asca with brass feet at the center of the bathroom with a canopy tent and quilted leather exterior is enough. If you really can not be that either, you can make do with a large corner bath with tub or shower mechanism with light relaxation waiting for better times.