Home Office furniture ideas – George Nelson’s apartment

A desk and a beautiful Chair that is just what I need for a great Home Office. Here, there are a few photo of George Nelson’s apartment.

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A beautiful office furniture compact that also functions as a room divider that divides the office and the living room of the House. Designed by Du Côté de Chez Vous where the only requirement to fit this unit tab of environment is to have 20 m2. Monitor, is a wall of two faces, the part of the office consisting of a piece of furniture with niches of different sizes which fits very well the CPU, printer. It can serve as shelves for cabinets and bookshelves, as seen in the images. By the other side of the separator wall of environments is located living room with two niches with background color for decorative accessories are attached. You can choose different colors and adapt to other environments to achieve balance in interior decoration of your House.

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