Home tour: Fantastic Frank and MES DAMES

The website of real estate Fantastic Frank is a constant source of inspiration. Expect it to be posted in their new home tour with the same impatience with which I await the release of my favorite decor magazines. And once again I was not disappointed. Starting the year with fireworks! And among the many interesting houses that I’ve seen  I was struck, in particular, from the photos of this fabulous apartment, “dress” with the collaboration of the clothing brand MES DAMES . I love vintage pieces, metallic accents and the carpet in the living room. And how wonderful the attic! Styling will take your breath away.

From Mesdames to Dames

The website of the real estate agency Fantastic Frank  is an endless source of inspiration. I wait for Their new home tours with the same impatience I wait for the release of my favorite interior magazines. And once again they surprised me. A sparkling new year! Among many interesting and homes that I’ve seen (take a look here and here ), my eye was caught by the photos of this fab apartment, styled in collaboration with the brand MES DAMES . I love the vintage pieces, the metallic accents and the rug in the living room. And the attic is really wonderful! An amazing styling.


Mesdames, Franks Gäster

Toilette Mesdames

Westmount Rugby Club