Homemade decorations for halloween

Ghosts, pumpkins, bats, all this seems to take place in the Halloween decoration . If you already solved that give the house a special decoration for this day, here we give you a hand with some suggestions for homemade Halloween decorations. They are very simple to make, cost little money and, what is much better, let you recycle household objects into disuse. What more can you ask?

Decorating for Halloween with homemade decorations
So with these simple ideas and economic can decorate the house for Halloween without spending much money. Some of the materials you find in your house. The rest are cheap and easy to get and they will serve you for many more ornaments. To go forward right now to these basic materials: black cardboard, scissors, tape, glue and pencils.

Garnish with bats
The simplest idea of all is that you only serve the image of the bat here are to print it whenever you want and hit to decorate walls. Of course if you want to save money on ink and prints, you’d better print it once after the cuts and use as a template to make black cardboard bats. Remember to click on the picture to enlarge it.

Bottle with spiders
This brilliant idea that our friends have created crafts wonders comes from: an easy Halloween decoration made with a jar . It will be necessary to cover any empty bottle still keep in the pantry or kitchen. Additionally, a branch, some green grass and silicone. All you may need to buy are some rubber spider toy. The idea is to hit the grass and the branch to the top of the bottle, and spiders in the same vial or in the field. It’s a fun decoration for the room, even when Halloween passes.

A ghost recycling
This Halloween ornament recycling is also an easy way to take advantage of elements of the house without apparent use. In this case, a few simple toilet paper tubes lined white paper you hit the eyes trimmed in black and white paper. Then, just wrap some goodies in colorful paper and place them inside the tube and you have a sort of baker for Halloween to give to children.

Why spend money buying decorations when you can make your homemade ornaments? These simple crafts are ideal if you want a home decor for Halloween , as well as being very funny. Hands!