hospitality furniture

To choose the perfect furniture for the hotel should consider several points as is the comfort that they will provide to its users, your style should be elegant and aesthetic well, and the size of this, which must be calculated according to the dimensions you own the place where you intend to locate. exists a variety of home furnishings, ranging from simple and small tables to large storage furniture such as closet to reach the ceiling of the rooms.


Considering tables get to offer a wide range of possibilities, finding varieties of foot table and table tops. Today there are a variety of foot types table, where the most popular are those that use steel table feet and iron, which are materials of great durability and strength remain fit to place both inside and outside Hotel.

Makro offers you the contract furniture and textiles needed to mount the rooms of your hotel, hostel or pension. have a wide variety of household products, accessories and a wide range of tables and chairs for hospitality , mattresses, pillows , hotel mode TVs and other products to make your room unique spaces.

For the good weather also offer hospitality furniture suitable for all types of terraces and gardens, sun loungers, garden chairs and tables, umbrellas hospitality , etc.. Makro can also find furniture and decorative materials required for catering bath assembly: chairs, tables, stools, dispensers and bathroom accessories are available at any Makro center with hundreds of products for the hospitality industry.

Televisions hotel mode: Why have one?
TVs are specially designed for use in decorating kit and hospitality businesses such as hotels and pensions. They offer all kinds of functions to optimize the comfort of the hotel and meet the needs of its guests. 

Makro has a wide selection of leading brands and cheaper brands also include Hotel Mode function.
elaborate assumptions tailored to the needs of each customer.
A basic Hotel Mode allows **:

Block access to the user menu, ensuring the correct TV settings permanently.
Block password search functions of channels.
Setting a maximum volume to prevent inconvenience to other guests.
Lock the keyboard TV (VOLUME + / -, PROGRAM + / – and MENU)
Block entries AUDIO / VIDEO.

And a Advanced Hotel Mode allows

Display a Welcome Message when turning the TV.
Ability to select and volume on permanently.
Cloning Function: copy the setup and adjustment of a TV and “clone” it to other similar televisions through the USB port. Facilitating installation and maintenance thereof.
Activate power saving mode (automatic shutdown).
All these functions can be handled by coach Hotel entering a password.
* If in doubt, refer to the Purchasing Department.
** The features and functions of each television can vary depending on the make and model.