Hot Art Radiators For A Stylish Space

The central heating consumes a lot of energy and often do not need to heat the entire house but only a personal space like the living room or bedroom. Its main objective heat closer to the user space, radiator Kangeri Nomadic bid to become an alternative that favors savings in electricity consumption. The device, created by Indian designer Satyendra Pakhalé for the Italian brand of radiators Tubes , addresses this need in an innovative way. This is a new type of radiator with sensory qualities that enable the radiator to accompany the user in their daily tasks.

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Its main body is aluminum and carries on its top a platform made of oak with integrated handle. You can freely move through the domestic space favoring the creation of a warm and comfortable area. The designer imagined a product that goes beyond its utility as a personal radiator and intended to evoke symbolic meanings and sensory qualities to improve our bodily relationship with the objects around us. PakhalĂ© He explains: “My curiosity has led me to create a contemporary object to heat the space closely surrounding the user with current technology and poetic imagination which gives an object of utility.”

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