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This strange cavernous underground construction is the Futuristic Earth House , and is in Lostorf, Switzerland. It has two plants abroad looming on one side of the house. The project is also an exponent of organic architecture and reminiscent of our notion of primitive dwellings in the caves , but expressed with refined touches and artistic. For more information on sustainable architecture follow the link, you can review a list of postings sorted .

Underground living

In this highly original residential building there is also a separate apartment and garage. It is a vision of architecture with the times now oriented ecology and sustainability . There is a villa project in the mountains of Switzerland based on this type of housing that is called Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse.

The sculptural design has artistic value , both outside and inside the building. The largest shelter of the house is given by the bowels of the mountain, and ensures temperature control for climatic extremes of the seasons, winter and summer.

Architect Peter Vetsch Р on the website of Swiss professional will appreciate this remarkable images cave house project . Compare with traditional cave houses in Spain of ancient origin. See a house futuristic organic architecture also following this other link. Please turn its written opinion in a comment at the foot of the posting. Add this blog home architecture to its list of Favorites . To receive news by email, enter your email address in the sidebar window. Below is a very simple short survey respond in one click, serves to direct the publication of the contents according to their motivation and interests. Thanks for participating.

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