House with stone facade – modern construction with rural Touch

In this article, we present you a wonderful residence that is located in Texas, in the Franklin Mountains. The rustic house on the hillside was designed by Studio Hazel Baker, headquartered in Arizona, in 2015. Adapted to the topology of the resort, the residence is located in the rocky wilderness high above the river valley of Rio Grande. This stunning three-storey stone-fronted house offers stunning views of the city of El Paso and Juarez to the south.

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The raw, native landscape is gradually transformed into a beautiful oasis with native succulents, cactuses, colourful grasses and fragrant herbs. The terraced environment allows direct access to the outdoor area from all three levels of the house. The mountains on the eastern side of the house keep the first rays of sunlight away until the late morning. From the southern patio area, you can often see deer and rabbits running along the attractive flora. A breathtaking panorama will delight the eye as soon as the sun hides behind the horizon. The covered outdoor living area is the perfect place to watch the fire-red sky, which is gradually impressed with orange and indigo-colored nuances.

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