Houseplants on the terrace – green interior design ideas with a twist

The great green terraces, which have been integrated in a metropolitan setting are a hot topic in our online magazine this month. Here are some great examples of this.

indoor plants on the terrace palm species terrasséngestaltung ideas wood furniture

Therefore, these examples were chosen because they look enviably good and at the same time can serve you, our readers, as great role models.The plants in the first picture are the most notable items in this room. Whose effect is all the more enhanced by the large paintings on the wall, showing also floral, if also abstract character. Otherwise it has a grill area that literally can disappear behind the painting, a dining table, and all the usual kitchen facilities. The minimalist Interior flower vases and the plants are however quite well.

glazed terrace house plants terrasséngestaltung make

Houseplants on the terrace or indoors as accents and decorative elements The veranda is a room with an open floor plan at the same time, which combines coffee area and kitchen. Here you can see a great corner, where you can take a break from the stress of everyday life. Here too, the large plants at the same time have a noticeable calming effect and appear at the same time as a part of the decoration.

glazed terrace house plants palm species make ideas terrasséngestaltung

The second example is exotic and luxurious literally. Here you can see the Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro. But you could use anywhere as an open terrace with a great view in places with great views and warm climate. Taking the best from the environment into the atmosphere of this terrace. The landscape acts as a kind of natural accent wall and green elements inside are understood as accents, which correspond to.

indoor plants on the terrace palm species terrasséngestaltung ideas lounge furniture

As in a hanging glass cage in the middle of the city the inhabitants of the next great terrace occur is probably. They seem to enjoy the practical, rugged character of the city in this case. Because the equipment is also carried out. Only the wood surfaces provide more heat, so you can see that one is at home. These are however taken in strict, almost futuristic setting. The black paint also inscribes itself in the harsh and austere image. This is a terrace with a very masculine character. The industrial dominated objects here serving as decoration in the selected vintage.

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