Houses inspired by that of the Hobbit

Many are those who, after having seen the movie and read the books of the famous writer John Ronald Reuel Tolkien , they decided to make for themselves or for their family a real home Hobbit . In particular, there are many among the 10 most beautiful house, which deserve to be seen!

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The eco-friendly house located in the Wales Woodland
The owner, Simon Dale has designed and built a house eco-friendly , on a hill in the countryside, just like the one seen in the movie “Lord of the Rings.”

The home of the Hobbits in Barbados
With an area of 3,500 square meters , built on several levels, the house Hobbit by Ian Morrison is one of the most spectacular. Built on top of a hill in Barbados, is the ideal place to relax .
Hobbit Houses in New Zealand
The scenes from the movie trilogy The Lord of the Rings were filmed on a hillside in Matamata in New Zealand .So from that moment took over an immense passion for the little men and was born also a nice attraction tourist , a veritable village of houses Hobbit where to stay immersed in nature.

The Dune House
Designed by the architect William Morgan The Dune House is in Atlantic Beach, beautiful United States of America. It is a residence that is spread over 750 square meters, and where guests can feel a little Hobbit .
Underground Residence in Switzerland
This structure was designed by SeARCH and Christian Muller .It is a residence that grows under the ground, just like a typical Hobbit , and that has everything you need for a stay of relaxation .

The house Hobbit by Peter Archer
The architect Peter Archer designed a haven perfect in rural Chester County , about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia, USA. Archer says: “We wanted a unique structure, a place of relaxation to relax and be alone. ” Thus was born this beautiful home without time , in collaboration with a team of craftsmen .

The house Water Wheel by Chris Whited
Corrugated roof, walls asymmetrical and even a water wheel, that’s how Chris Whited has wanted his home on Bainbridge Island , in Washington.Developed over 1,200 square meters, is perfectly suited to a family, who wants to break away from the chaos of the city and take refuge amidst the greenery and fresh air of the hills.

The hobbit house in Montana, USA
In Montana ‘s The Hobbit Village , a veritable ” County “inspired by and dedicated to the characters of Tolkien . During the spring and summer months, all visitors can stay inside the houses of the village, at prices starting from 200 $ per night.

A small house Hobbit
Windows and doors round sling visitors straight into a small house Hobbit. This cute little house, perhaps a little too small!

The home of Bilbo Baggins
Last, but not least, Bilbo Baggins House located at the Village Hobbit in Montana, United States.

Particularly inviting, this home is a perfect picture and attractive for those who want to escape from the daily routine and delve into a world fantasy .






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