Houses type bunker without natural ventilation design solutions

Not all have the same fate of having an ideal space to design; open to the outside, surrounded by nature, with direct lighting, in short; many times goes “up” almost by obligation, work and design in completely dark spaces, without light or natural ventilation.

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Today we bring you design solutions to transform rooms closed in open areas that allow you to connect with the outside.
How do we convert so closed and limited in a fresh and living room space?
To many may seem difficult or even impossible the idea of transforming a space surrounded by four walls into something fresh, illuminated and seemingly ‘open’ to the outside. We must bear in mind that our only constraint is actually the horizontal space, versatile and practical ways to handle spaces vertically without the need to have a second floor.

design house

1. projections of roof slope:
The game’s levels in the roof allows you to appreciate the space in a different way, creating a visual effect of dividing spaces that are truly United; But apart from giving spatial quality, serve as alternatives for inputs of natural light and ventilation.
2. the traditional central courtyard:
When we refer to central courtyard is not necessarily the typical plot surrounded by colonial columns; We are talking about simply a free space of housing, which is surrounded by accesses, aisles, exits, rooms, among others. An open indoor space.
3 Building basement (underground):
Allowing easy access of light and ventilation by its cover; This space can be leveraged to the fullest since we could have what we colloquially call a “two in one”, if we design spaces to double height playing with basement and footbridges can illuminate and ventilate up to three levels/floors at the same time.
4. simple openings for light.
5. inner terraces.
6. management of different levels with a light entrance.

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Outdoor ceiling skylights

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