How do you choose the shower

How to choose a shower that’s right for us and that is perfectly suited to our needs? The showers are very common and, at first glance, they are all very similar, although appearing often with very different prices. The installation of a shower is not particularly complicated or sophisticated, but they are definitely details to make a difference by ensuring the robustness and making it reliable over time. The quality of the glasses is crucial because they are the most delicate part, subjected to shock, strain and temperature changes, so we suggest taking them in tempered glass and make sure they are compliant with European safety standards .


In general, keep in mind that the glass is more often the greater the strength, so make no mistake it is best to choose a glass than 6 mm thick.

Types of glass

The transparent glass has further advantages, first of all allows greater light and secondly it is not subject to the process of screen printing which, by using acids, can weaken the structure of the glass. To the support structure of the glass is advisable to choose the aluminum that has not problems of oxidation, has a low level of degradation over time and can take any kind of shape due to its flexibility. A good and cheap alternative to glass is the pvc. As you can imagine the difference in price between glass and PVC is more sensitive and also that the final result in terms estecici changes radically. Said this is not so obvious that it is preferable in all cases the glass, if in fact between tempered glass and PVC the only advantage of the plastic is the cost, in the case of non-tempered glass is perhaps the pvc be safer being less fragile and not as dangerous as the normal glass which can produce splinters and sharp pieces in case of breakage.

Entrance of the shower
We now come to the door of the shower stall. There are different types of entrance doors, type saloon, sliding, with front doors or folding tent. In general it is best to choose the most easy to maintain and clean, and then with rails accessible and equipped with seals of good quality and of solid hinges to prevent annoying infiltration of water to the outside. Not essential but very useful is the eventual stops duct drops placed in the bottom of the door, this simple accessory will avoid that the water bait with us opening the door. In any case, before proceeding to the choice of the shower stall is important to note well the measures that we have in the bathroom. The opening verse is important and depends on the type of door that we have chosen and the shape of the bathroom, however it is good to choose the opening verse that admits it easier and more convenient access to accessories, towels and everything what can be useful during a shower. For lovers of wellbeing is then possible to choose a multifunction shower cubicles equipped with everything necessaire for massage jets of water through vertical and cervical and accompanied by practical sessions or concealed compartment for the best possible comfort.







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