How to achieve minimalist spaces

If you want your home to be a place where peace and tranquility is transmitted, then the minimalist decor is what you need. The geometric simplicity of the shapes of their designs and usually from the monochrome white or black with touches is ornamental details , are the main features of this style in the sixties pop.


In this text will develop the qualities that must be taken into account when deciding to create a minimalist.
“Less is more”, this style is always based on this idea. The spaces have very few parts, only the necessary. Few colors are mixed, giving priority to the neutrals and whites. The spaces are wide and are perceived in this way.

“Lighting”, minimalist environments should be well lit. If not in good natural light must resort to artificial. Another option is to use large mirrors to make better use of natural light. The blinds should always remain open.
“Textures”, the mix of textures is essential in this style. The metal, steel, plastic and wood are undoubtedly material, enrich the environment if used together.

“Design object”. You must find an object that has its own personality and that is of greatest pleasure but not as soon tired of it.
“Furniture”. Each piece performs a specific function and utility without sacrificing comfort them. They should choose furniture with simple lines and soft colors. Using patterns should not be exaggerated, particularly curtains and cushions.
Few accessories are used in the minimalist decor. Some flowers or fruits serve to decorate.

The minimalist decor in your home produce a feeling of calm and peace, and in your surroundings breadth, balance and harmony.



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