How to Build a mist fountain

Mist fountains are not only beautiful to look at, but also contributeto a healthier life. The source adds moisture to the air, which can help relieve dry skin and nose bleeds. Negative ions are also added to the air of the machine vibration source smoke. Negative ions clean the air of dust and allergens and give the room a clean smell. Mist fountains are easy to make and help make your home more comfortable. You can complete this project in an hour with only a few tools.

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Things You’ll Need
Small fogger mist
Decorative items

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Choose a container that will hold at least 2 inches of water. Containers as containers of punch, fruit bowls, pottery and planters without drainage holes are all ok. Clean the container with soap to remove any dirt or debris that may clog pump fogger mist. Set your container near an outlet in an area of ​​your home that could use cool. Your complete source may move to other areas of your home as needed.
Buy a fogger mist on a pond supply store or online. The fogger mist creates a vibration in the water that causes the water molecules become airborne and appear as mist.

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Set your mist fogger in the bottom of your container with your power cord receptacle and into an outlet. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions mist fogger how much water to pour into the bowl. Pour the recommended amount water in the container.
Try the mist fogger to make sure it works by giving the switch in the bottom of the ice maker to the “on” position. Set the fogger in the water. Plug the power cord into an outlet. This will turn your nebulizer. Wait 5 to 15 minutes for the fog to form in the water. Unplug the fogger outlet to turn off.
Decorate your mist fountain with decorative elements such as stones, crystals, plants or figures if desired. Plug the fogger mist into the outlet and turn it on.

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Tips & Warnings
Set the font of fog in an office to relieve stress and tension.
Do not leave the fog sources.
Use caution when working with electricity and water.
Read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions on the use and care of fogger mist.

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