How to Calculate the Amount of Paint ?

Considerations and secrets to calculate the amount of paint you need to paint a room, even a whole house not lacking or buckets leftover unopened.

the Amount of Paint

Calculating the paint we need to paint
To calculate the amount of paint you need the first thing to do is determine the number of square feet of surface to be painted with each color separately.
Calculation of the total area to be painted

– The surface of each wall is calculated by multiplying the width times the height (from floor to ceiling distance) in meters and the surface is then subtracted from each of the openings in the wall, which is also calculated by multiplying the width times the height.
– In the case where the wall height is variable because the roof is inclined height should be taken as the average value between maximum and minimum height.
– The surface of each roof is calculated by multiplying the width by the length.
– When calculating the surface in places irregular, should be taken as a general rule always calculate more these places, making the shape of these surfaces in an easy to calculate. For example a corner like curve suppose it straight.
– Remember that to calculate the amount of paint you should add all surfaces separating each color of paint.
– Once we have the total area in square meters to be painted with each color, multiply that number by the number of coats to achieve a smooth finish and professional.

Paint performance per square meter

If the paint is very good and the color is similar to the above will be sufficient a single hand, if there is contrast in color should be both hands.
If the paint is of average quality will need two coats.
If the paint is cheap, for a similar color both hands can reach without diluting the paint and three coats for different colors.

Note: If the wall was never painted must be given a first coat of sealer or fixative, otherwise add one more hand to the above.
Now we can calculate the amount of paint you need
– With this new value we can calculate the amount of paint needed, we only have to look at the paint container yields chosen few square meters per hand.
– For example if we reach a value of 250 square meters for a certain color and the packaging says it pays between 10 and 12 square meters per coat, divide 250 by 10, and so we will need 25 liters of paint.
– To these we add 25 liters by 10% if the surface is smooth, 20% if it is rough, rough or never was painted and 40% for textured surfaces such as walls with plaster rustic Mexican rulato or similar techniques.
– Always round up and buy more, because if missing paint may have trouble getting the same tone.
– For example if you need 27 liters buy a bucket of 20 liters and a 10 liter paint.