How to Choose a Sofa ?

To find the perfect sofa, we must do several tests and check its quality. Here we explain what to look out for before buying one.


Tests to recognize the quality of a sofa
When you decorate a living room, all the details are important, the lighting, the color of the wall paint, plants and objects we choose, the coffee table, etc … But definitely, the king of the room is a single, the couch. For this reason it is very important that you take a few precautions when choosing a sofa for your home.
Check the frame of the sofa
When you go to the furniture store and get a copy of your taste, the first thing to do is check the firmness of the frame, do not be afraid to lift the cushions and lean firmly on the side bars of the sofa. Make sure you do not squeak or wobble, this will ensure that the purchase will last many years.
Review of joints and seams
After reviewing the sofa frame, we will check the joints of the structure. Ask the seller to lift the furniture so you can calmly inspect the joints between the pieces. To check if it is of good quality, should have double metal washers and pins. If you notice that the pieces are attached with glue and staples, not worth buying, because in no time the structure is loose and will eventually collapse.
The next step is to know if a quality sofa is to sit down and try to feel the springs, that should be on the entire surface of the seat. Jump sitting side to side. Flexible resistance should feel exactly the same in every part of the sofa, if you feel a spring in particular, or that the only damper is the cushions, furniture is not comfortable enough.
Materials padding and fabric sofa
If you like the couch passed all these tests, you only have two steps. The first review of what it’s made ​​the filling. Acceptable materials are polyurethane, foam rubber and mixing goose down with feathers if they offer polyester fiberfill alone or feathers, these cushions rapidly lost volume.

Finally, we have to check the material of the sofa fabric. In this case, the most important is that you are comfortable. Among the materials found acceptable the ribbed suede, linen, and leather always comfortable and stylish.