Choose your Home Colors

The colors say a lot about you, so you must pick them taking into account your own personality and the type of atmosphere you want to create in your home.we used to live in homes painted with colors like white, pale yellow or at most a timid blue. There are few people who dare to paint with bolder colors that can give your home a different look and original. In most cases, moreover, are released to paint without knowing what each color sensation can contribute to that room and, therefore, what feelings can be transmitted to the inhabitants of the house .


Overall, when painting, everyone prefers white . By representing a pure color is perfect to match especially when the furniture is made ​​from different styles, however, is the color most impersonal. Another of the most recurrent is the full range of pastel colors that create a cozy atmosphere giving a touch of warmth to the home. However, do we know how each color influences our mood? Bruguer , recognized brand in the world of DIY and decoration, gives some clues to understand the influence of colors on your emotional wellbeing. RED Red is passion and emotion . Quickly attracts visual attention and in some cultures is considered a symbol of luck. Transmitting vital energy is ideal for rooms such as the dining room or the library because it is associated with places of great activity and encourages creativity. ‘S GRAY gray color is perfect to give an air of sophistication to any room of the house especially combined with brightly colored minimalist furniture but can cause feelings of anxiety and isolation in people with a tendency to be introverted.

Therefore, it is best reserved for households of people with strong personalities who do not feel intimidated by the neutrality of this color. THE ORANGE The Orange attracts the eye, stimulates conversation and encourages sociability . Therefore, it is ideal for those rooms where most social interactions occur as the lounge or dining room and is particularly suitable for those with low mood because it helps get rid of fear helps to eliminate depression. PINK Pink , meanwhile, has a great calming and relaxing effect promoting kindness. It helps clear the mind of negative thoughts and provides energy, so it is perfect for the bedroom or any corner of the house to invite disconnection. THE YELLOW light and optimism.

This transmits the color yellow, in addition to providing a lot of clarity to any space, it is excellent to bring joy to any environment stimulating intellectual and elevating mood. ‘S BLUE If we are looking for serenity, blue is the color prefect sleep and relax . Its calming and soothing effect makes it a color that fits perfectly into any room in the house. In addition, the clean feeling it brings makes it fit perfectly to spaces like the bathroom or kitchen which seeks above all sense of order.

BROWN The brown color also conveys warmth and allow people more nervous tension better channel. Its pastel shades, bring sweetness and called positivism. GREEN
 is the color of nature, conveys safety and encourages emotional growth. Promotes calm brain activity and mood.

So, is indicated for teen rooms that need to reaffirm their identity or to motivate yourself to achieve challenging. VIOLET Violet meanwhile, is a color that expresses exclusivity and authority according to Feng Shui intensifying intellectual capacity and self. Ideal to connect with the most emotional inviting stays fit meditation aimed at relaxing as the living room or bedroom . ‘S WHITE white Finally, besides being always a safe bet and never go from fashion , is advised in rooms receive plenty of natural light because it increases the feeling of spaciousness. On an emotional level conveys peace and allows clear the mind.

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