How to Choose Furniture for the Garden ?

Before buying the furniture and put them in your garden, consider the following aspects.

Furniture for the Garden

Garden furniture
On summer nights we usually go out to enjoy the splendor of our garden. Therefore, we can not count on the most appropriate furniture, to give trouble free use, and also match the decor or the general style, both as our home garden all.

How to choose garden furniture
Use. To choose a set of garden furniture we must first determine its use. We will have to consider whether we want to eat or dine outdoors, or just use it to sit there our cups and glasses. Also likely to take advantage of the sun, so we should also analyze sunbathe furniture.

After analyzing each case, we can determine if we need a complete set of garden, or only a small comfortable seating with table support, loungers, chairs, or the style of furniture that is more appropriate.

Location. The next step in choosing the furniture, will determine your location. This will help us to know in advance the maximum size you can have the game or piece of furniture, without disturbing the flow or be too brief. We must also remember that, especially in the case of complete sets, when used will occupy even more space than that occupied by being unoccupied. We must bear in mind, to not disturb after use.

Size furniture. If you do not have enough space for a full set of garden, we can use stackable or folding chairs. Thus, simply have in the place when we go to use them, without taking up the space of the garden when they need them.

The small furniture makes the perception of overall garden space is greater. Instead, games and larger pieces, “shrink” the space. The furniture long (like sidewalks and banks) also influence the perception of the length or width of the garden, as well as plants do we have in the ground and in pots.

Materials and colors. Finally, remember that there are a variety of manufacturing materials, and also of colors and styles of furniture. You can choose wood for outdoor furniture in neutral for a more organic, wood or painted in striking colors, including original upholstery. Another option are pieces of pipe, aluminum or iron, the variety of upholstered cushions and vary in color and style, and even pieces of plastic furniture, resin or PVC, in various colors.

Choose the one that best complements your garden, taking into account the colors of walls and elements, as well as flowers and plants you to look in your park.