how to choose Garden lamp

To avoid being caught unprepared by the arrival of summer, it would be good to start right now to worry about the arrangement of the garden, in particular its lighting, essential to make livable and even more enjoyable dinners with friends and romantic evenings that lie ahead for the summer. You do not know yet what type of lamp to choose? In this guide, we suggest some useful “straight” to help you decide: read it carefully and, we are sure, at the end of your ideas will be much clearer and much easier to choose it.

Solar Garden Lights

Before you decide on the style of the lamp or garden, you have to clarify one point, what concerns the quality of what you go to purchase, since the lamps are one of those outdoor furnishings for which a good bill is essential the success and durability of the same. Any object that is daily, 24 hours 24, without stopping, exposed to all kinds of weather, from the scorching sun to the incessant rain, the wind swing the snow, frost hail, is already in a position of weakness that undermines significantly the ability of resistance, but in the event that this same issue is already leaving poor, the evidence shows would last for the space of a morning. All this does not mean that you can not find a good garden lamp among the many cheap deals so often proposed indeed, but just that, before purchasing one, it is good to carefully evaluate the structure and characteristics, so check the type of paint , the texture of the materials, the accuracy of the finishing and any optional, then, if you convince in these respects, as well buy it safely.

And now we come to the aesthetic side, which also has its obvious importance, and therefore the types of garden lights that are on the market, assuming that the offer is so vast and varied as to be able to meet even the more demanding. First of all, you can choose between the fixed, free-standing or table, of which the first is fixed directly to a wall, the second, more or less high or low, they are fixed to the ground, third, portable and very practical, can be moved at will from one point to another according to the occurrence. Once you have decided which side to your form template, you must then choose the style you prefer, both according to personal taste, and bearing in mind the context in which the lamps are to be included (gardens and terraces “furnish” just as you do for the interior of a home). lamps classic collect always a big hit because of their versatility and the undoubted charm that the past continues to exert on so many of us, one of the most popular lamps in the typical nineteenth century style , the model and the Art Nouveau Deco style, beautiful and very scenic thanks to the decorations and bright colors that distinguish them. If you love the rustic style you can find many outdoor lamps made ​​from natural materials such as brick, wood or stone, but if you prefer the modern or ultra-modern you do not have the pick of hi-tech models, minimal and stylized, offered in traditional or alternative materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber and very light yet ultra-strong special alloys.

All garden lamps available today require the use of any type of light bulb, from those with “cold” light to those in “warm” light up the neon and the modern led.Un ‘alternative idea, economical, practical and also romantic ? For some time now are on sale special outdoor lamps that provide, to work, the use of candles, the candles will fit inside and can be replaced when consummated lamps low cost, will delight those who love soft tones and the atmosphere a bit ‘nuanced and rarefied that only candles can donate to the surrounding environment, and if you use scented ones, as well as illumination of the past, you will also enjoy the pleasure of a good smell spread all around.


solar garden lamp