How to choose the bath screen

When we build a bath or reformed, changing partition curtain for both shower and tub, is ordinary. This choice is not trivial and we have to weigh all the options on the market, because aesthetics is not the only important , too it is safety and durability.
For starters, when you buy a screen, you must be clear about the measures, width and height, so that the screen will fit and perfectly suits them. If your bathroom is small, it is best feet high on bath and two meters in shower.


As for the material, choose a safe and sturdy kind that, in the event of breakage, not generate sharp pieces. acrylics and glass are tempered to meet these requirements. Now the first is less aesthetic but cheaper, while glass or tempered glass is one of the best options in terms of aesthetics and strength, but is more expensive.
In the installation, use silicone , rubber or rubber, especially to seal joints. But keep in mind that silicone, although cheap, yellowing over time and moisture . In that sense, the rubber is much better, even if it costs more. For screed anchors and screws, always choose materials resistant to water and moisture. Stainless steel and chrome are the best choice.
In terms of type, the screens can be sliding, folding, even still . The first are perfect for small bathrooms because no space remaining, but, from experience, clean up some of its corners is nearly impossible. The folding have some disadvantages such as the need for open space and the danger of them a blow with any health or other accessories and scratch them or break them. As for the fixed , usually provided only for bathtubs and cover only a partial area and leave room to enter and exit with ease.

Do not forget the decorative background. There vinyls, stickers and motifs that adhere to the screen to create opaque and more intimate areas or simply to decorate . They are ideal especially for children’s bathrooms.
Finally, advise you at considerable expense like this, you take time to compare products and prices, ask professionals and decide all previous issues. If you follow these tips, the purchase will be a success and your bathroom will be safe, functional and beautiful.


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