How to choose the right pillow

After a busy day, a good night’s sleep is definitely what you need for a perfect being. There are many, however, people who wake up in the morning sore, exhausted and with the need to sleep a few more hours. One of the main causes that disturbs sleep posture is unconsciously assumes that during the night, which largely depends on mattress and pillow employees.

Stomach Sleeper Pillows

This is because, one of the most common mistakes is to believe that there is a perfect pillow for all: on the contrary, each of us needs a special pillow, that depends on the position normally assumed during sleep. So, who tend to sleep in the supine position, should choose a low pillow and soft, but not too much, so that the neck is not much floor, a pillow top would in fact to be easy on the neck and shoulders, causing neck pain.

If, however, it is customary to sleep on your side, the pillow should be large enough to hold his head up enough to the shoulder and so aligned with the spine. Finally, if you sleep on your stomach, it would be appropriate to place the pillow on her side to support the body, as if you were holding, keeping his head resting on the mattress. This saves having to bend the head sideways too, with the effect of sore in the joints of the neck. Improve posture thanks to an accurate and correct choice of pillow also helps to solve some problems and most common disorders such as, burning in the stomach, typical of those suffering from gastroesophageal reflux, back pain, or again, the tendency to snore. A restful sleep is based on the harmony that is established between all the components of the bed. For this reason it is important that the choice of the pillow is not underestimated.

The function of the pillow is to support the head and neck, keeping in line with the spine. To facilitate this function, you must choose the materials that best meet the individual needs and who experience what are the postures that each of us takes on during sleep.
The materials used in the production of the souls of pillows, they are different, and many times they are used in combination with each other in a synergistic way to exploit the characteristics of each component. The most used are: wool, feathers, latex foam, memory foam, but the market there are many other materials, sometimes combined together with laboratory techniques, to improve the functionality of the support and the degree of well-being during rest. People have always recognized the inimitable quality natural materials: the warmth of wool, cotton and linen freshness, softness of silk, the lightness of the duvet, the elasticity of the fiber, and the comfort of natural latex. Wool is the most important animal fiber.

It is warm, soft and durable, thanks to its resistance to wear. Facilitates perspiration and absorbs moisture, ensuring excellent thermal insulation. The pillows that use as the viscoelastic memory foam material, have the characteristic to mold according to the pressure and shape of the head and neck, and to perfectly adapt to the temperature of the body, creating a print ergonomically for the head, minimizing the movements during sleep and thus giving a good night’s rest.
The cushions with feather head instead offer a soft and comfortable support. Pillows are very breathable, so allow air to circulate, keeping a uniform temperature. The latex filling, then it is particularly suitable because it is exceptionally supple and durable, able to support and follow every curve of your body to offer the utmost ergonomics.

Choose the shape:
Traditional or ergonomic, low or high, it is undoubtedly important, but even more important are the characteristics, hypoallergenic, breathable, anti-mite, a good pillow should possess. In recent years, allergic diseases have increased significantly, which is why the choice is increasingly oriented towards non-allergenic materials. Inside our homes, originate most of the allergic reactions. Their ideal is represented by the hot and humid places, their presence in fact, is particularly concentrated in the mattress and pillows.
To ensure an ideal microclimate is well so that the pillow has good characteristics of breathability, guaranteed by the use of materials such as latex, while from the point of view of hygiene it is preferable that the pillows are protected by liners perfectly washable even at high temperatures. I

t is advisable, however, to replace the latex pillows after a few years of use, because even though, being materials that aspire and blow air each time, the mites are present in smaller quantities and are unable to settle, they could become a favorable environment to other bacteria Because of annoying allergies.




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