How To Choosing a Wall Decoration ?

What elements should we choose to decorate a hallway considering the height, style and texture of the aisle.

Choosing a Wall Decoration

Ideas to decorate walls
The decorative elements to dress the walls of the home include a variety of elements, among which we find the traditional paintings and paintings, as well as photographs, films, tapestries and framed items. Choosing one or the other depends on the taste, of course, and also the details and features of every home and every room, contemplating the overall decor, the reigning style, the color palette and the personal touch we want to give the environment.

First, we must consider these aspects, then we let imagination soar. If we are not sure, we can go to a trick: take a digital photograph of the wall of the room and another box or chosen detail, and make a montage on screen, to see beforehand how will that item at this location , and in that we have designed composition.

At the time of program design, we must consider some basic rules of decorating. For example, as we do with the painting, to “climb” a roof boxes use elongated vertically, and to “lower it” use tables wider than tall. To extend the wall will have linearly, and we will have to shorten the disorganized. Preferably not combine with other styles and formats that do not belong to the group (for example, paint pictures, or modern and rustic style in the same room and wall).

The brochures, leaflets and composite frames are ideal to be used individually, ie, that they are only present in a wall, so that the eye can focus on them properly. These compounds boxes preferably are arranged in walls medium to large, and no small or obscure, or difficult to display them hidden areas, as with the corridors .

Regarding the frames , We must respect the overall style of the room. If we have a modern style, we will not use natural wood carved frames and vice versa. In modern or minimalist styles we can use linear frames, and not in rustic styles. We can always take advantage of frameless paintings as paintings on canvas without frame or sheets and pictures in “frames” glass or acrylic. About the textures, we must respect the environment, and to match the style of the furniture. Also in the colors must adapt to the color of furniture, or a lighter, never darker color.

Regarding disposal, always recordá these details: pictures away somewhat from the ceiling and corners of walls to make them look like actors and not as patches or aggregates, and before installing boring and hanging objects, be sure to choose the right places. Use digital photos to assess readiness before hanging, or at least colored paper sheets attached with tape on contact to determine the desired locations, you analyzing them from afar.