How to Correct Errors in the Wallpaper ?

It is normal to find small mistakes or imperfections in the wallpaper, which fortunately we can correct ourselves without much work.

Correct Errors in the Wallpaper

When we look beautiful wallpaper or wallpaper on our walls, we solve many of our issues of decorating. Today, in the market we can find different types of wallpapers, from conventional to sophisticated, made of silicone and plastic materials, which accept simply be washed and cleansed, and whose application is very simple.

But more care we have given to the placement or maintenance of wallpaper on the walls of our home, sometimes it happens that bubbles appear, blemishes, stains, or tears that make the whole atmosphere deface. Luckily we have some simple tips we can use to fix these common mistakes in the wallpaper.

The first recommendation, and a very important fact is that when you purchase the wallpaper, always buy an extra roll. Keep this roll you will replace leaves that have flaws, or even mend by sector, cutting the damaged piece of paper and putting in place a cut of the supply roll.

To do this, mark the sector (neatly, and following the design to hide the patch) and a cutter, box cutter or knife, we cut the damaged and retired, moistening it with white vinegar mixed with warm water to make it easier to task.

Then, we cut the same figure the original roll and adhere to the wall, remembering always have kept in the refrigerator at least two hours before to prevent shrinkage on drying.

If the glue dries the wallpaper began to exhibit air bubbles, we can solve easily. We leave it to dry completely, so that it is already smooth, and then making a cut in a cross on each bubble. Apply glue to adhere paper and return these small areas of paper, a corner at a time, trying to keep the design in these crosses cut.

If the pictures hanging wall and we had to replace paper, we put sticks into the holes of each table and, placing the paper, use chopsticks to mark the drill through it with the toothpick. After it has dried properly, we can extend the perforation with the aid of a cutter or a screw, to look tables smoothly.

If, however, we decided to place a box on a paper and place, we can do so without fear of damaging the paper. After having been dried properly (if new paper), we must help with a utility knife or cutter to make a small hole in the form of T in the place where we want to place the nail or screw. We lift the corners that form in this T, to make room for the wick of the drill. To minimize the dirt, we place a sheet of paper or an envelope open under the drill, to go trapping loose powder.

Then, put the taco Fischer, and re-attach the corners of paper to the wall, or we bent to preserve the forms, and we will be drilling flawless, no cracks or tears.

Thus, if we remove the box then that place luciremos not a hole in the beautiful new paper