How to create a vase with bamboo

Bamboo is a completely natural decorative item and therefore environmentally friendly as well as being beautiful. Whether used as an ornament in household structure or as an accessory in a vase, bamboo is lightweight, durable and is an organic material that blends well with any style.To put bamboo sticks in a vase, can serve as a reference for a high floor vase with long bamboo sticks offers a strong visual effect. A vase with a narrow opening keeps the sticks close together. A vase with a wide opening allows you to be creative with the arrangement you decide.


Choose a vase that complements the room’s decor. A metal vase is ideal for a contemporary space because it offers a contrast with the warm tones of the bamboo. The painted metal goes great with a formal decor. The earth tones of ceramic vases look great in rooms with a rustic look or campirana. A wooden vase and very smooth dark tones combined with any Asian theme.

You can be creative and create an array with several vases to achieve an aesthetically attractive. Note that you do not need to combine colors, you can use complementary colors. When you decide to use complementary colors, considers the shape, color and material should be taken into account to achieve the aesthetic you want.

Once you have a suitable vase, fill a third of it with sand, stones or marbles to make the bamboos remain in place, and then fill the container with water.

A clay pot 27 cm high with a diameter of 15 cm, 1 stick of green oasis of 20 × 10 cm, 5 Fresh pink hyacinths, 13 long bamboo sticks 90 cm, 1 wooden stick 15 cm, branches of green, 1 piece of tin wire 80 cm long, golden wire, hot glue gun, 1 shear.
1. Cut the bamboo sticks in parts of 30 cm each. Cut 3 pieces of wire each 120 cm long and fixed to each stick at the top, middle and bottom.
2. Arrange all the bamboo sticks on the work surface near each other. Starting with the first stick freshly prepared with the wire, add them one by one, twisting the wire to form a single structure type mat.
3. Marked around the vase the tin wire, giving a spiral shape.
4. Remove the leaves to one of hyacinths and let the stem length of 5 centimeters. Fit it in the upper part of the spiral of wire.
5. Remove the leaves to another hyacinth and leave the stem about 15 inches long. Insert the stem of the hyacinth, which is hollow inside, the wooden stick. If necessary, cut the excess piece of stick. Place, then, the stick of oasis within the vessel.
6. Place the spiral wire and strung the hyacinth pond on an Oasis in the center of the loaf and the spiral.
7. Wrap around the vase the “mat” of bamboo sticks and close it again knotting the wire. Complete the composition entering the OASIS hyacinths and other decorating with branches green delight.
Vessel is ready! It can be an original idea to do for an invitation to dinner, or for a special occasion like a birthday or Mother’s Day.

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How to create a vase with bamboo

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