How to create mosaics wall with glass


The venecitas and mini mosaics are perfect for revamping old trays, redecorate furniture and objects, and even to create pictures and details on walls and other surfaces, making personalized and spectacular designs. Today, in this article, we will learn to create our own simile venecitas glass.

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The materials we need are glass bottles (of any shape and color, Which you prefer), a plastic bottle with screw cap (that closes tight well), water, sand, newspaper and a hammer or something to break the glass. It is never more advise the use of protective goggles (Remember That glass dust is very volatile and almost imperceptible) and protective gloves, to avoid cuts or discomfort.

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Steps to make mosaics and venecitas first, take Several sheets of newspaper and wrap (loosely) the bottle or the glass vessel from Which We draw the pieces. We will make sure That the bottle is clean and without labels, to take advantage of the surface. Once glass Contained Within the daily paper, we hammer (slowly) to break the container. We will do as many strokes as Necessary, Depending on the size of the parts That we want to get.

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Then, in the plastic vial water and sand place (a part of sand, two to three of water), leaving a good space with air. In This mixture Placing the pieces of glass Whose size is suitable to us, and when to to we Already have enough (That shouldnt be more sand), we close the container and shake vigorously in all directions for Several minutes. This will be polishing and filing glass, sharp edges Eliminating, and leaving them ready to be used. We can check the advance of grinding every now and then.

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Then remove the glass (can strain them with a sieve of large network, to remove sand and water together, if we are not going to reuse them) and rinse glasses, leaving them to dry. THUS we will get divine wall of glass Which you can locate on multiple surfaces with the help of universal colorless adhesives.
Note: If you want to Have venecitas or square appliques, you can buy sheets of glass in shops and cut them with the help of a ruler and a sharp glass. However, the meatier Have quite different appeal and originality Provide greater work, allow you to That They make designs and patterns more fun and interesting.

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