How to Deal with Switchboard

The electrical panel is the main part of the electrical system in it are all safety devices and electrical circuits maneuver installation. It consists of a box which are mounted respective circuit breakers, circuit breakers and fuses, and consumption meter. The electrical panel is the main part of the electrical system in it are located the circuit breakers and fuses , switches, meter consumption, among others.

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Parties electrical panel:
First is the consumption meter, which belongs, like installation that connects to the power grid, the electric company. This meter can not be altered, and all suffered damage should be reported immediately to the company. Then the meter, we have the switch, which is a key limiting that handles off the power if the consumption exceeds the contract with the company.

No safety plays a role, but is merely a limiting consumption. It is also owned by the company and must report any damage.This electrical panel industry is owned by the company, and can not be changed or manipulated, it could mean a violation of the contract. In the electrical panel that it is our property, we found safety switches and circuit breakers and fuses.

Safety switches in the electrical panel:
There are two types of safety switches must be installed in an electrical enclosure, the circuit breaker or circuit breaker , and breaker. Circuit breaker-has a magnetic system for rapid response to steep hikes in the current (shorts), and thermal protection that disconnects before a current increase more slowly as an overload.

Is used to protect each circuit of the installation, and prevents overheating in the system. Switch is required per circuit.
RCD-is a component to protect users, indirect contact. It is installed in the electrical panel, after the circuit breaker to be protected, it is generally to circuits outlets ( plugs ). If you only want to install a differential switch, we do after General breaker

Breakers and Fuses:
Fuses are devices that disrupt the electrical circuit, the fuse have a filament, short circuits and overloads. Should be replaced to reestablish the circuit.