How to Decorate a Cottage ?

The rustic setting is a country trend, natural or cottage, which is characterized by the use of natural elements such as textures. It is today one of the most wanted styles for warm and home sites.

Decorate a Cottage

Source rustic in decor
The rustic decor originally born as the only possibility in remote locations, difficult economies, since the elements of the environment were the only ones available.
Mostly represented in huts and shelters, was soon being copied in cities as a way to connect with nature, giving the site a sense of privacy and rest, bringing serenity to the environment and an unmistakable sense of “family” and “home “.

Rustic decor textures
The textures of the natural rustic d├ęcor are cozy and warm with distinctive elements such as wood, which is present in all types of surfaces, from floors parquet until planked on walls, middle trunk in front, natural wood furniture legs and the support surfaces.
Natural stone is also widely used, mainly in the walls, but you can also adjust the smooth granite and stone counters and other similar areas.

Colors for rustic decor
The rustic color palette covers a lot of options, from the cafes to the green across its range, red, orange and yellow. Occasionally, some dark metals as a reminder of strength, as in the case of cast iron fittings, decorative culinary items, cleaning and use of practical use.
On the other hand, white is the natural base for furniture everyday like dining, dishes and some more.

a Cottage

Special features for decorating a cottage
The cushions on a sofa large are some unique details in this regard, along with a warm blanket to enjoy in front of the fireplace. The fireplace can not be absent in the rustic decor, like an individual chair or reading chair brown leather, antique style.

In the kitchen traditional economy to a cast iron wood stove is changed. The clay pots and dark metals, scoops, and a somewhat eclectic style of glassware and dishes are almost mandatory in this decoration.

In the portico entrance, a coat rack hanging hooks or intermingle with a bed of natural elements to shed the coat, umbrella and snow boots, perhaps used as a decorative element for a unique look.

Hoes, pokers, bridles, horseshoes and other stable objects are other decorations ideal for this setting. Typically, patterns and prints include poultry (cock, principal), pictures of wild animals (mostly horses) and scenes of forests and waterfalls. Also old items of daily use are good decorative items, such as irons coal, metal bowls, old work tools, etc..
Finally, there is often natural ropes balls, knots for curtains And even some peace messages written on walls as a final touch.