How to Decorate a kitchen or Dining Room of a Small House ?

If you have a small house these tips will help you decorate your kitchen or dining room.

Decorate a kitchen or Dining Room

Tips for decorating a kitchen or dining

Light colors, simple design furniture and not overburden the walls, give broader idea and order. The lighting is always an important factor to consider. Try to integrate appliances to furniture and refrigerator.

– At present kitchen designs are well suited to small environments. Use high cabinets or shelves to store. Use folding tables that can shrink or enlarge if you need more or less space.
– Instead of chairs, it is preferable to use banks that you can place under the table when not in use.
– If the counter is very small, can be adapted to place a table above the pool and thus extend the work area as needed.
– The TV should always be placed on a wall bracket.
– If you do need to separate some area with plants or screens walls instead.