How to Decorate a Men’s Room ?

The fourth male decoration requires sobriety, with objects related to sport, neutral colors and simple textures. Beware of putting some more, everything must have its function.

Decorate a Men's Room

Ideas to decorate a room male
The men’s room decor, whether individual or shared, can be a real challenge. The simplicity and character are the main elements to knowing little details that elevate their self-esteem and provide comfort and enjoy the environment.
Colors to decorate a room man
In the men’s room stays and sober colors prevail, elegant neutrals inclined before the lively tones. The range of coffee, blue, green and black and white combination will be the favorite for most men, always with some exceptions, including shades of red, orange or yellow.

You can ignore the large prints, the flowery, the animals and other: men prefer the simpler forms, such as metal and wood imitations, stone, brick, or culturally associated patterns firmness and determination, like camouflage military, the Scottish grid or the elegance of the parallel lines.
Decorative Textures for a male room

In male decoration usually seek the priority of the textures and cold elements, strong and subtle. The metal will not fail (countertops, furniture, decorative details such as hardware) along with the resistance and strength of the wood. Natural stone walls are also common in this standardized decoration for men.

Regarding the warm surfaces, carpets are unquestioned. From simple materials and clean lines, sectored and bulky carpets are usually liked by gentlemen. The curtains For them, only have to fulfill its function, the choice of genres prioritizing smooth, solid colors easily identifiable with the rest of the decor.

Also in the bed should be maintained the simplicity and functionality of the pieces. Loose sheets which could fall or settle under the mattress, down comforters lightweight but warm, and pillows to sleep. In some cases it seeks to place one to two extra pillows to give up, or decorative pillows large and simple shapes, in only one color, highlighting sobriety.
Objects to decorate a room man

Leave aside the lavish decorations or placed “just because”. Men prefer memories, testimonies of your life, especially if they share the home or have become parents. They look photographs, trophies and pieces as a reminder of the days of youth.
Sports items are also in demand, but do not practice the sport and fans are just the same. Decorative objects, for them, are mainly located in the walls (paintings, frames and others), and only a few small adjoining surfaces, such as a shelf or library.