Decorate New House with Art

We know that decorating a new place, especially a new house, is hard work and long-term. But the results will be rewarded if we create places that reflect harmony and perfection.Today, every object created sensations in rooms like the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garden, etc.. What is sought is to start getting results decorate artistically original and very modern.


Having painted house definitely makes us feel in a more enjoyable and we even filled with a special joy in receiving our friends and family. So ideally you look round the best way and we’ll tell you how.

Today you can take advantage of any time of year to paint your house, you just have to put to work! If you’re painting indoors, do not forget to open the windows, this will help to dry areas faster. Also, remember that you now have water-based paints for walls odorless, free from ammonia, which reduce the levels of odors and allow you to enable spaces in less time for the convenience of all home while maintaining its unique features of color fastness and high resistance to harsh environment.

Remember to protect the floor and all the furniture, using plastic or paper. Also cover the switches and outlets.

Remember to give finishing touches to the wood of your home: paint the baseboards, window frames or doors. We recommend the water-based wood products, which dry very fast, they are odorless and provide beautiful finishes.

Always read the technical sheets that come with paints and asking advice in our stores or Glidden Protecto Decor.

Now, you have no excuse not to have your beautiful home throughout 2012!

Thanks for being our reader in 2011, we wish you happy holidays with your loved ones, and an excellent new year.


– Looking for things that are related to art and learn more from them. Maybe you like some kind of art like abstract, contemporary, sculptures, photographs, paintings, watercolors, prints, mosaics, ceramics, video reproductions, etc.. Then research the matter and try to visit museums or galleries.

– You can choose from different styles of decoration: minimalist, pop-art, rustic, loft, oriental, classic, among many others. We know that fashion decoration is constantly changing and ambivalent.

– If you are a believer that art is your passion, take a few art classes, especially those related to the decoration. One of the main factors is to analyze colors and images in context. Find decorate with items that catch your attention.

– This will help the choice of model sofa, a table, a lamp or something simple to paint our walls. Many times we use inspirations or models that capture our attention and we practice to theory.

– The decorations that are now appreciated decorative patterns inspired by renowned artists, who saw in the decor a way to express their creativity.




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