How to decorate a room for three

I think this lovely nursery for three brothers, actually overflowing inspiration everywhere. And what about children’s furniture collection, both forms of furniture with retro look, like the colors you have used …The styling of this room you’ll find a truly original ideas and practices Have you noticed the hanger strip?

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If your home necessarily have to share the same bedroom three boys, they’ll have to be pretty creative to meet the needs of all three. In turn, they will want the bedroom to be attractive, so here are some ideas to meet both objectives.

Feature: Every child will require a place to sleep and a place to store your belongings. Depending on the ages and personalities of each, they will also require one space to be alone. The bunks are ideal, since it saves a lot of space. They can buy a bunk which in turn has a desk under the bed above, or closet.


planning land: Place three beds in one bedroom and still have free space is a challenge. If you have a long narrow room, you can align the bed and closets, three in a row. If the room is square, a bed can be placed on each wall, creating a form of U. If the kids are different ages, perhaps suits them locate the two little ones together and the larger a bit further, to give more privacy.


Style: The most difficult task to design a bedroom for three kids is to create a theme or design you like all three. If children are in the same age range, greater difficulty is presented.
For girls. A theme that works well for girls is the Disney princesses, and each girl choose your favorite.
As for bedding, if you want something a little more generic, they can also use the floral theme. For example, paint a mural on the wall that includes flowers such as roses, tulips and sunflowers. Then buy a quilt with a pink, another with tulips and one with sunflowers. In this way they will coordinate the bedroom areas, and also will be expressing your personality.


For guys: If the children are boys, puden play the theme of The Three Musketeers, making an emblem with the names of each child, hanging above each bed. Paint a mural with castle and knights, or fill the room with posters of different versions of the film The Three Musketeers. For younger children, they can lean Disney characters.







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