How to decorate A small Balcony ?

Last week we dedicate a post to the decoration of terraces, if you saw what you can do here . But we can not all have a large terrace but a small balcony (like me), I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate today’s post to how to decorate the balconies, since it is small does not mean that we can not enjoy it.
Regarding the key furniture pieces is to choose light appearance, a good choice may be the chairs and folding tables that take up less space and can pick up if we need it. As most usual material is wood, which as I said in the post of terraces, outdoor should be specific (teak, acacia, jatoba, …) and we apply a protective varnish oil or at least once a year to keep it in perfect condition.



Another material used is metal enough, it usually takes a paint that will protect it from moisture to avoid rust.



If your balcony is, like mine, mini size, the perfect solution will be the folding tables, which are treated against the wall and we do not need to occupy space when not using it.


And of course, with a little imagination we do not even have to give up on our balcony sofa comfort.




And you, do you find out to your small balcony? I hope these ideas will be of assistance!