How to Decorate a Wooden House ?

The wooden houses have a particular appearance, and decorate it will not be easy. We show you the keys to achieving a successful atmosphere.

Wooden House

Ideas to decorate a wooden house
We define those wooden houses residential buildings which use raw wood in the structures, whether material or as a coating. Walls, ceilings and floors have this versatile natural element, giving the home a special name.

The wood care
The wood used in homes are specially treated against insects, moisture and other harmful agents. After placing, are coated with varnishes and lacquers that protect, waterproof, isolated in the acoustic and temperature, making them look like no other.

But besides all this treatment, you should know how to keep a house timbers. And although the market can find many products that promise to restore, analyze well what are you going to wear: creams and gels leave a tiny film that promotes the accumulation of fat powders and air temperature, spoiling the finish of the surface. These are best done daily dry cleaning to remove dust, and use soapy water, warm milk, baking soda or commercial products in aerosol Gentiles (liquid), and the maximum amount of natural agents for maintenance.
Decorating a log home

The wooden houses can be decorated much the same way that a brick house, taking some precautions. For example, the walls already have a special charm, and cover with a large piece of art or a painting could be a real blunder. Instead, choose to place a wall lighting wall to decorate with their presence and with the light effects you make.

Rustic wood to decorate rooms
If you prefer more conventional place decorative items, choose the rustic and old, who are best worn with wooden surfaces. Imagine hunting lodges and fishing you see in the movies to recognize the elements that are ideal in the walls and floors of these homes: old lamps oil hand and foot, railway parts polished and reconditioned, scrolls, antique maps and some paintings in earth tones, red and green are the most preferred.
Old style to decorate a wooden house

The melancholy also combines with these residences. Vinyl discs or paste, old record players, phones loaded libraries tube and leather-bound books will go perfectly in a rustic and aƱoso in these homes. Do not forget the bean bags and ottomans, along with large fluffy cushions and fine carpets, because also go very well with this setting.

Crystals and elegance
In contrast to the styles seen, some people prefer to join the rusticity and simplicity of the wood with the elegance and luxury of the glass decorations, as with fringes hanging chandeliers, carved furniture and upholstery velvet. This contrast is only possible when using light colors in the genres and textures, and they are integrated in combination with elements of the style rather rustic. It achieves almost eclectic decor which highlights the elegance combined with the warmth of the wood Noble structures.