How to Decorate Bathroom with Wood ?

As in the classic film “more wood” seems to have gradually come to our bathrooms, this time to stay. The warmth of wood had fallen away from the bathrooms because maintenance and care were expensive and not very good results, especially the ambient humidity and sudden changes in temperature and continuous.

Today, however, the optimal treatments to the wood, the use of less expensive wood, such as tropical and progress with regard to ventilation and steam extraction bath, make it one of the most desired materials in the decoration and the design of the bathrooms of homes worldwide.

Whether the wood is in the flooring and walls, as well as in furniture. Wood for bathrooms can be from dark colors to light woods natural wenge, iroko like, or light-colored lacquered Nordic inspiration , anything is possible.

Of course, not only is there a choice of wood walls, floors, or furniture. Bathroom pieces that have traditionally been made in china as the toilet, the toilet, the bathtub and shower (the dish or shower floor) and can also be found in beautiful models in wood.

If you can not make major reforms, wood can add warmth to your bathroom through accessories such as a bank, a small cabinet or shelves for towels or toiletries. With timber in the bathroom, sure you will not regret the results.