How to decorate brick wall

If your home have a wall of bricks, you’re lucky, since this type of coatings are very grateful when decorating. A wall of this type, you can get a lot out and get her incredible environments with just a few tweaks. Want to know how to decorate the brick wall? We give you a few ideas. Notes!


Depending on the style you want to get into the room, you can paint it any color or leave it with the natural tone brown they usually have. If you are looking to give a homely and warm, the latter will be the best choice. On the other hand, if you are decorating a modern, painting the wall of any color.

White is ideal for homes that are looking for more space and cool spaces also in this type of material, have a very good result. If you go for this option, know that prior to paint, you should clean it well with soap and water for the paint to seal properly and the result is good.

Another alternative to decorate a brick wall is to hang a picture, but not just any box, but one with abstract patterns and bold colors. This way, you get a modern and cheerful without investing too much money in the changes.


If you want to highlight the wall, another way to do this is with a plasma screen.’s A way to combine the rustic brick involved with modern flat screen. A large wall clock red or orange, for example, or fireplace are good alternatives to dress and highlight these walls do not have to be covered or hidden, but quite the opposite: enjoyed.

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