How to decorate in style hi-tech

Furnishing a home in hi-tech means to give large space technology. Refinement, comfort and convenience are just some of the key features of this style, which gives rise to a perfect fusion of elegance and functionality. Definitely requires some disposable income but it is highly customizable.


This style is suitable for all those homes, whether or loft studios, who have a well-defined division of space. The furnishing elements must then be placed in such a way as to make cleaning easier. Do not forget to carefully hide electrical cords and outlets located in various rooms to maintain that degree of order that this furniture requires.

As mentioned in the introduction, the materials must be not only the latest generation but also eco-friendly, resistant to dirt, impact and heat. In the kitchen, for example, the steel will be used to cover worktops, doors, appliances and hoods. The latter will then be covered with sound-absorbing materials that will make them extremely quiet. But it does not end here: the most advanced intake systems will also purify the air from a variety of harmful substances and hazardous to health, or fire-fighting devices present within them.

Mostly used are also the gloss lacquers and metals, while for the floors to lord it will be the concrete and various types of resins Regarding the complements, such as sofas or carpets, to be more cutting edge fabrics will be used as the Microfiber and synthetic materials fireproof The most used colors instead are various shades of gray, black, white, sand, and in general all the neutral tones Finally, the lines must pass a feeling of cleanliness through regular shapes and almost always squared.

Element to be reckoned with is definitely the lighting also devoted to energy saving
and varied from room to room. The electrical systems will then be controlled by a home automation system that will monitor remotely (for example by referring to iPhone generation) turning on and off lights and appliances (washing machine and dishwasher), the heating or the alarm system.

A house hi-tech will also feature mattresses that massage the body during sleep, wash basins made ​​of carbon fiber and so lightweight, showers equipped with lights for chromotherapy and touch-screen panels to adjust the jets of water.
Obviously furnish a house on the basis of this style is not at all economic fields for the need to use materials and technologies keep pace with the times, and this must certainly be taken into account before facing a radical change in your interior design.

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