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The jewelry Rabat is a landmark in Barcelona, ​​with two locations in the Paseo de Gracia. And not just for jewelry can be bought here, nor by personalized which pays the buyer and has revolutionized the world of jewelery in our country. Also by offering their exquisite decoration local interior work of Salietti Star. Both locals will have the chance to see it now with the opening of its new store in Serrano.

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the philosophy of decorating this space “is to Rabat: that of a young, new jewelry, which has swept the temple idea unapproachable which accommodates everyone, from young to old, in a surround “says Salietti. 

The interior Star Salietti that says to work the room “We swept all! He was a former bank, full of attics, so getting clean space an airy, which later split into sections “.
“From the street we find a first contact. It is a chic, modern space, divided into two spaces served from a bar located inside the outer lobby. ”
“After the reception, we enter the central space. Passage is a Brass lined with windows on the sides and customer tables, is an area in which the client can read magazines.” As for the materials used, the interior of Rabat says “has been used black glass, gilded brass, iron, porcelain, oak parquet burgundy velvet and bags. The lighting is all LED based, “says Salietti. The VIP area is composed of two rooms: “The diamond is dedicated to the more youthful, the other is the room watches. It is furnished with a sofa set, ready to talk more relaxed, comfortable and private. ”
At all times, the idea has been “sweeping inaccessible temple idea”. To do this, for example, “has created a bar area, where casual attention is given to the customer, you are invited for a drink and socialize.”
“The paintings are inspired by the silhouette of Shakira, the colors are welcoming, fantastic lighting, designed especially for the windows with the intent to create a magical atmosphere” in the words of Salietti.
The luxury granted by the magnificent jewelry sold, as well as the overall look of the store is “countered with a love palettes , sack curtains and exposed stone. ”
The furniture is made to measure and store expressly for Rabat Serrano Street in Madrid, “except for a firm stools at the bar located Minotti”.
The interior architecture of all stores Rabat is the same. We confirmed its interior: “The only difference is that Madrid is huge and the back overlooks the attractive gardens.”

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