How to decorate kitchen in style 30 years

The typical style of the kitchen ’30s included bright colors and accessories with a design that was both practical and efficient. During that decade, however, the structure has undergone the influences of modernization and has begun to become more popular spaces like the closet or the work plan . Beliefs recessed began to become standard and, although in the media were of rather small size, however, helped to increase the functionality of the space.


The home owners who are looking for a vintage kitchen, they can also use the kitchen appliances modern reproductions of the ’30s and merge them into pieces to recreate a traditional look typical of the style of the 1930s. Here are the elements to be taken into account.

The colors
The key of the ’30s-style kitchens are the bright colors and the most common way to decorate the walls was wallpaper. The most common reasons were the fruits, geometric shapes or boomerang. A more modern method is to use the paint in the color lime green, red, yellow or turquoise, and you can reduce the brightness of these colors, if deemed excessive, or with beliefs, with the floor more neutral.

The floor
The floors of the ’30s I presented limited options compared to those of today. For example, in the United States, the linoleum was highly rated, because it offered an affordable and characterized by a large number of colors to choose from, even the wood was an especially sought after. Besides them, there were the most expensive ceramic tiles, concrete or stone, each of which could have the typical motifs of the ’30s.

The beliefs
A ’30s-style kitchen was rather simple in design and decoration, and beliefs were no exception. Often they were small incisions in the wood and knobs were usually flat pieces of metal, rectangular or circular. The available colors ranging from light to dark ones, in order to create some contrast and complementarity with the bright colors of the walls.

The appliances
The types of appliances of the kitchens of the ’30s depended very much on the economic resources of families. Let’s say that in addition to a gas stove and a refrigerator, at best, did not go, because electric ovens, microwave or dishwasher did not exist. For those who wish to furnish a kitchen in a vintage style, you can still get the reproductions but with modern technology, or for the dishwasher, for example, you can use the method of collection, so you have to take it out for use.


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